Monday, March 18, 2013

Oz, the Great and Powerful: My Thoughts and What Nots

To be honest, I was never familiar with the story until I saw the movie. Sure, I've heard about The Wizard of Oz before when I was a kid, but maybe I was too busy with other stuff that's why I never really had time to pick up the book and read it.
Anyway, the word "wizard" in the tittle got me curious and the next thing I knew, I was sitting beside my bf in the movie house. Obviously, anything that has to do with "abracadabras" or hand/wand waving is enough to capture my attention. Lo and behold, as the movie unfolds right before my eye, the little child in me squeals in delight!

For the benefit of those who haven't watched it yet, I'm going to skip the spoiler. Rather, I will just focus on the aspects I believe I enjoyed most.

First, I'd like to say that James Franco did a fantastic job on his portrayal of the main character, Oz. He was mesmerizing the whole time. His cleverness and sense of humor were one of the highlights of this movie.  And that silly smile he gave many times will forever be carved in my head. Dammit, I really dig guys with great smiles.

The rest of the actors did pretty well. Not worth mentioning though except for the witch who reminded me of the Mask! Hahaha.
And may I say the flying monkey and the china girl were among the cutest (things) characters I've seen in a movie. Really, I can't recall how many times I had laughed because of that flying monkey.

Overall, the movie was light and very entertaining. The visual graphics were acceptable, not really spectacular but the children will definitely love it. With all the colors and the funny/cute characters, no one will find this movie boring. (Oh shoot, I caught my bf sleeping at some portions pala).

 Yet I believe, the most important part of the movie is the lesson it imparted. Oz served as a reminder of how everything can be achieved through faith and unity. That maybe our world would be a better place had we trust our abilities and value one another.


  1. Thanks, I'm excited to watch it :D

  2. I watched it yesterday and it made me feel like a 5 year old boy on my chair.. very light and entertaining. Its not ordinary story about Wizard.