Friday, February 22, 2013

Prelude to my Senior Year

With barely a month left before the semestral break, my panic meter is rising up to the "danger" level. While it's true that my junior year will be over in a few weeks and that I should be excited for my senior year, here I am feeling all anxious about the obligatory undergrad thesis. 
The bf's been telling me to stop stressing myself out, that I'm just torturing myself for thinking way too early for this. He even said that it will dawn on me when the time comes.  Like magic. Of course, a part me of me wanted to believe him. But there's this tiny voice inside my head saying: "Come on, Poy! You don't really believe in serendipity, do you?" So yeah, I'm preparing myself ahead for the battle. Physically, mentally, emotionally. 

Actually, I already have a few topics in mind. I'm going to list them down here. I haven’t consulted any of the professors from our department yet but judging from the opinions of my close friends and my boyfriend, I think I have a fair chance for their approval.
  1. MIXED ORIENTATION MARRIAGE - Quite a number of studies have explored  the factors  of why do homosexual men decide to marry women. But nothing (as far as my current research is concerned) has revealed the reasons why do heterosexual women still marry homosexual men even though they aware of their spouse's gender. 
  2. MSM & HIV - I would like to document the psychological angle of submitting one's self to HIV screening. Based from my personal experience, it takes a lot of courage to get yourself tested. I know a lot of PLUs want to know their status but are afraid of doing so. And if they finally decided it's about time, I want to know what/who influenced them in taking the test. 

Friday, February 1, 2013

Of Relationship Labels and a Complicated Set-up

We may have probably settled a discussion as to what would be our response if somebody asked us: "So, ano kayo?"
You would say,  "He's my significant other", even though I had totally refused because saying so means "You're my boyfriend and we're in a relationship", which completely contradicts your stand of not putting labels to our set-up. Then I wonder what's with labels you're freaking scared of? Anyway, you're good at logic so I believe you can justify your answer.
As for me, I would want to say "Jowa ko," but I immediately dismissed the thought right when I realized Jowa  = boyfriend. So instead I'd say, "He's special to me". Note that I didn't say "someone special" because it's a freaking LABEL! Lol. So, when I got no violent reaction from you, I interpreted it as a silent nod and the discussion was over. 

So what brings me to write this anyway? Well, it just dawned on me that that discussion isn't really over yet. You see, not all of your friends or my friends would ask the same question every single time. We may have an available answer to that open ended question but I just wonder what if instead of asking, "So, ano kayo?", a friend would ask  "So, kayo ba?" 
A simple close ended question requiring a yes or no answer. Whether you like or not, saying yes would definitely put a label on it. But if you say no, you're absolutely going get a double slap from me. Haha. 
So, I'm writing this to challenge you, the one who's special to me. What if someone asks you, "So kayo ba?" 
What's your answer gonna be? 

Gusto mo 'to diba? Haha I love you still anyhow. Bulong mo na lang sakin yung sagot mo pag nagkita tayo.  :-)