Sunday, May 27, 2012

Save Me!

Two weeks from now I have to come up with a life-changing decision. The job (fine, the people and friends) I've learned to love for nearly 5 years will be at stake. Yes that's right...I've learned to love it. This may sound as a surprise for some but knowing myself, I could've left and looked for a new job if I didn't like it in the first place. 

See, I've always anticipated this will happen but it hasn't occurred to me that it's going to be THIS soon. I guess, time really flies when you're having fun eh? I've practically witnessed how the company grew as years went on. From having only two accounts on their first year to serving seven accounts presently.  In fact, I'm one of its pioneer agents. All of my wavemates had resigned and I'm the only one left from my batch.

The Dilemma

My company will offer a voluntary retirement package for its tenured agents at the end of the month. Of course, the severance pay I will receive is definitely too hard to resist. But the dilemma I have to face is after I sign the papers, what's next? Will I devote all of my time in studying till I graduate or will I look for a new job again? But where?  I remember I made a promise to myself that when I leave this company, I will never come back anymore. Not in a call center for that matter.

Geez, somebody save me!


  1. I wondered for the decision that you took after that month.