Saturday, April 14, 2012

Meet The Boys

On an entirely different note, I believe I've mentioned on Twitter that I only have two porn star crushies: Masaki Koh and Brandon Lee. 

Gone are the days when I used to ogle Caucasian porn stars and admire their long, humongous and pinkish dicks. Today, I  like my porn buddies from the Asian race specifically Japanese (sometimes Pinoys but I go for half-breeds). There's something about their lean bodies and medium-sized pototoys that make me weak and crave for more. I think somehow, their dicks are more realistic than their western counterparts. I have to tell you though, I don't watch the hardcore type where they shove some thingamajigs up a guy's arse. No, that's way beyond my tolerance for kinkiness.

So, going back to Masaki and Brandon. Obviously, they're both Asians, Masaki hails from Japan while Brandon is from US (but he's half Pinoy according to Wikipedia so that's a plus point!). I first saw Masaki's video on  I'm sure that vid is still there and no, I'm not going to post it here because I've no plan of turning this blog to an adult-oriented site. But damn, all I can say is.... the man is a shooter! When I say shoot, he can literally fire his man juice feet away. Ah basta, you have to see him to believe me.

Ito sya o! Hihihi. Isn't he adorable?

Brandon, on the other hand embodies my ideal guy. Not too tall, not too ripped, has this boyish charm and he rams like a rabbit. Yeah, just thinking of him makes me hard pronto. With his chinito eyes, he reminds me of Brent Javier. A few days ago, I've come across a clip of him where he played the bottom role. I got too excited only to be disappointed in the end because to watch the entire vid, I  would have to purchase a membership on that website. Sigh. 

Ito naman si Brandon. Waaaaa. *faints*

Who do you think is hotter?
So there ya go people, they are my companions during my lonely times. When I'd rather spend quality time with my right hand and my laptop.

PS. I've yet to encounter a vid of Masaki playing the bottom role, if you can provide a link I will definitely appreciate it

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